Pass Festival (limited edition)

To access each screening with a priority access to the theatre

Pass Festival Price : 99 € - Order on Le Shop Mad Movies

The Pass will grant you access to all film screenings of PARIS INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL at Max Linder Panorama movie theatre (from thursday 5th to sunday 10th december, 2017).

Enjoy a programme of 23 feature films and 18 short films.
Priority entry via the "Pass" line, for all screenings, including the opening and closing movies.

Promotional code PIFFF2017 for free delivery.

Ticket for sales at 24 boulevard Poissonnière 75009 Paris and online: Max Linder Panorama

- Regular price : 7,90 €
- Kids under 15 : 5,00 €
- Morning (until noon) : 6,00 €

UGC's cards and LePass's cards accepted 1 hour before screening

Valid cards and passes at Max Linder Panorama

Max Linder Panorama loyalty card: includes 5 tickets, valid 6 months, for a cost of 30€ ( i.e. 6€ per ticket! ).
This card isn't nominative, you may lend it, offer it. For one screening, you may use no more than 3 of the card's tickets. If the screening is 3D, an extra fee of 2€ will be requested.

C.I.P. Card (Carte des Cinémas Indépendants Parisiens) :
5 tickets for 30 euros, valid 6 months
9 tickets for 49 euros, valid 9 months
For one screening, you may use no more than 2 tickets.

- Ciné Chéque, O.S.C, TS30 (1.50€ fee requested), C.E.France Telecom, Mediavision and mardi Cineday (1 ticket purchased = 1 ticket offered, within the limit of available seats, if you have a code cineday/Orange).

- Rediced price everyday for following cardholders: Cezam, Scam, Sacem