Director : Nik Kacevski

Synopsis: Caught up in a spiral of despair, Emma and her sister find themselves backed into a corner Only one ...


Director : Can Evrenol

Synopsis: Four cops respond to a routine call and eventually stumble upon the den of a nightmarish cult.

Day 6011

Director : Raf Wathion

Synopsis: After more than 6000 days on guard, a robot eventually detects some sign of life. But things don't g...


Director : Leticia Dolera

Synopsis: We live isolated, anesthetized, immune to pain. What if one day that lack of feeling disappeared?

Noise of the World

Director : Coke Rioboó

Synopsis: Hector is a composer who suffers from a strange illness: he can hear every sound in the world. Will ...


Director : Rodrigo Hernández

Synopsis: On site there are two priorities: never stop the process of human cloning production and protect the...

The Man Who Could Not ...

Director : Kasimir Burgess, James Armstrong

Synopsis: Samuel is nine years old. He will be remembered as a thief, arsonist and murderer.

Unicorn Blood

Director : Alberto Vazquez

Synopsis: Two teddy bears go into the woods to hunt the unicorn. They need its tender flesh and sweet blood in...