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> accreditations and e-tickets : Nathalie iund (n.iund@miamcom.com)
> interview requests : Blanche Aurore Duault (ba.duault@miamcom.com)


Purpose of the accreditation
Accreditation gives access to the festival screenings taking place at the Max Linder Panorama cinema.
Monthly subscription cards (UGC / MK2, Gaumont / Pathé) are accepted for all screenings of the festival.
Like every year, the accreditations cannot be used for the opening and closing nights, for which there is a separate guestlist.

Accreditation or ticket per screening?
If you plan to attend only 2 days of the festival or if you plan to watch a maximum of 3 films, please make ticket requests. Conversely, if you plan to come every day and attend most of the screenings, please apply for accreditation.

How to apply for accreditation
Requests for accreditation and tickets should be sent to: n.iund@miamcom.com

How to use your accreditation
Please note that your accreditation is personal, nominative and non-assignable.
Each day, the festival provides a number of tickets for the screenings. These tickets can be withdrawn within the limits of available seats, on presentation of the accreditation, at the press office which will be located in the hall of the cinema in the hour preceding the screening.


For photos of the films and photos of the festival, please contact : Blanche Aurore Duault (ba.duault@miamcom.com)


Please send your requests by email to Blanche Aurore Duault (ba.duault@miamcom.com)