Tuesday December 06th 2016 at 08:30 PM


Lenght : 15 min | Ratio : 2.35 | Format : dcp
Language : Spanish | Subtitles : French

Directing by: Ángel Gómez
Writing: Ángel Gómez
Cinematography: Pablo Rosso
Music: Oscar Araujo
Produced by: Raúl Cerezo
Cast: Macarena Gómez, Lone Fleming, Javier BotetKey

Arianne is a divorced mother obsessed with the idea that her ex-husband might take her baby away from her. At a birthday party, a mysterious old woman tells Arianne that there is a strange figure following her: a terrifying looking man. Back at home with her little baby, Arianne will have to fight something a lot darker than her deepest fears. Something that will make her worst nightmares come alive.