PIFFF 2019 - The full line-up

Posted on 13/11/19

The 9th edition of the Paris Fantastic Film Festival is coming soon, almost a month away!

It’s time to reveal the latest news including the final program, our guests for the edition, the website’s opening and much more!

For the opening film and as a French premiere, we chose the very intense Color Out Of Space with king Nicolas Cage. We’re also very pleased to welcome the director, Richard Stanley, who will present his film and tell us crunchy stories about it’s making of. The opening film will be preceded by Kim Westerlund’s short film Abyssus, also a French premiere.

For a week, the PIFFF will welcome more than a dozen of people to present their film:

  • Joko ANWAR, director and scriptwriter of Gundala

  • Roberto DE FEO, director and scriptwriter of The Nest
  • Kelly HAYES, producer of The Mope
  • Enda LAUGHMAN, director and scriptwriter of Extra Ordinary
  • NAGANO, scriptwritter and producer of Vise
  • Gilles PENSO, director of Phil Tippett - Mad Dreams and Monsters
  • Alexandre O. PHILIPPE, director of Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist
  • Alexandre PONCET, director of Phil Tippett - Mad Dreams and Monsters
  • Takumi SAITHO, actor and producer of  Vise
  • Kirill SOKOLOV, director and scriptwritter of Why don’t you just die ?
  • Richard STANLEY, director and scriptwriter of Colour Out of Space
  • Melvin ZED, director of Archeologist Of The Wasteland

As we are a bunch of purists, we have decided to screen the movie Friday the 13th from Sean S. Cunningham...on the Friday, 13th December. It’s a wonderful excuse to share a nostalgic thrill while watching a 35mm film on the Max Linder Panorama’s big screen!

The PIFFF is also involved into encouraging talents of tomorrow’s genre filmmaking. The Climax Prize, awarded to a French genre feature film script, will be awarded on Friday 13th morning, followed by the Jury’s Masterclass.

The line-up is now finalized and the 2019 edition website is officially open. You will find film screening schedules, trailers and all the necessary information about the festival. In addition, tickets will be available for sale starting next week.

Last but not least, here are the last eleven films (many of them French, and even European premieres) to complete our programme for this 9th edition:

Color Out of Space - Richard Stanley (USA / Portugal / Malaysia, 2019) - French premiere

The Gardners barely have time to get used to the countryside life that a meteorite blasts into their garden in the middle of the night, in a halo of otherworldly light. Gradually, the family property seems contaminated by an unspeakable evil, which affects the flora, fauna ... and Gardners.

The return of Richard Stanley is combined with the rise of a Nicolas Cage as good as ever, in a deep adaptation of Lovecraft.

The Mortuary Collection - Ryan Spindell (USA, 2019) - European premiere

Sam enters a firm of undertakers to ask about the job offer posted outside. She is welcomed by the imposing Montgomery Dark, the local undertaker. The job interview takes the form of a succession of macabre stories, for the greatest pleasure of the candidate.

Supervised by Clancy Brown as guardian of the crypt, The Mortuary Collection blossoms into black humor.

The Nest (Il Nido) - Roberto De Feo (Italia, 2019) - French premiere

Samuel, a young paraplegic boy, is kept at home by his horrid mother, with a formal ban on leaving the house. His stressful daily routine lights up with the arrival of a new maid, Denise. He will feel more and more eager to brave his mother’s rules ...

Roberto De Feo's movie resuscitates the fantastic Gothic genre for a first-rate atmospheric experience.

Super Me (Chao Ji de Wo) - Zhang Chong (China, 2019) - French premiere

The lifestyle of the failed screenwriter Sang Yu changes dramatically when he realises he can bring back valuables from his dreams. He changes his looks, his food, and gains confidence. Only cloud on the horizon is that a mysterious demon tries to get him as soon as he closes his eyes ...

Zhang Chong's feature debut takes the Chinese blockbuster off the beaten track.

Why Don't You Just Die (Papa, sdokhni) - Kirill Sokolov (Russia, 2018) - French premiere

With a hammer, Matvey is determined to avenge his girlfriend of the bad treatments inflicted by her father. The latter, a rather strong cop, is not so easy to cope with. The two men start a fight in the family apartment, and are soon joined by other angry protagonists.

A Russian-style massacre game, where men serve as punching balls, their bodies suffering in all possible ways!


Archeologist Of The Wasteland - Melvin ZED (France, 2019) - European premiere

Melvin ZED may -or may not- have found an ever greater fan of the saga Mad Max as himself: Adrian Bennett, founder of the Mad Max museum in Silverton, where the second movie was shot. Through this portrait, the documentary measures the impact that films have had on a generation.

The cult of the saga Mad Max from its most sincere, most extreme, most Australian viewpoint.

Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist - Alexandre O. Philippe (USA, 2019) - French premiere

Edited as the ideal fusion between the best audio commentary of audio commentaries and the mystical and scholarly monologue, this interview -maybe the last- of William Friedkin about his cult horror film retraces all the stages of its production, exposes all the scenes of an exceptional moment.

William Friedkin recounts, with the greatest dramatic precision and attention to detail, the entire creative process behind The Exorcist. A lesson about cinema.


Jallikattu - Lijo Jose Pellissery (India, 2019) - French premiere

During the traditional Tamil celebrations of Jallikattu, a bull is released into a crowd of people, and the most valiant attempt to catch the beast for a rodeo ride. The film darkens this tradition with a buffalo running away from a slaughter house, and the entire village at his mercy. Material destruction mingles with other damage ...

Witness the decomposition of a village in southern India, at the mercy of a wild animal and all things unsaid, in the most breathtaking sensory experience of the year.


The Pool - Ping Lumpraploeng (Thailand, 2019)

At the end of a photo shoot and its after-party, an ad exec falls asleep on an inflatable mattress, in the middle of a gigantic swimming pool. He wakes up to find that the water level has dropped enough to get him stuck, with no one to rescue him. A very playful crocodile joins him ...

Stuck in the pool, the victim of a sadistic bis movie, movie which will not fail to send shivers down the audience’s spine.

Gundala - Joko Anwar (Indonesia, 2019) - European premiere

Since he is a child, Sancaka attracts lightning during storms, which gives him superhuman strength. He uses this gift with great parsimony, and tries to survive in the streets by keeping to himself. The arrival of super villains will nevertheless push him wear the costume of Gundala ...

Joko Anwar has lost none of his cinematic anger since Modus Anomali, and offers us the reverse reflection of American superheroes.

Ride Your Wave (Kimi to, nami ni noretara) - Masaaki Yuasa (Japan, 2019)

The love story between Hinako and Minato is symbiotic and fusional. The shock is only greater HInako learns of the tragic death of her companion, washed away by the waves. She hasn’t even started mourning his death that the spirit of Minato comes back under strange circumstances ...

The director of Mind Game and the mini-series Devilman :Crybaby shares his fascination with passionate love, for better or for worse.