PIFFF 2020

Posted on 28/09/20

This year, the PIFFF celebrates its 10th anniversary. Ten years of sharing its exhilarating vision of fantastic cinema. Ten years of screenings, meetings and interactions. Ten years marked by the exponential energy of a united team, loyal partners and a unique audience. In short, ten year of dream life.

The 2020 edition was supposed to be grand. It will be festive, for sure. But in a different way. No need to give you the world update: if you are a fan of fantastic cinema, you know as well as we do that we are going through a bad sci-fi movie. That’s right, one of those slow B-series in which the script keeps recycling that funny concept know as the "pandemic" ...

In order to avoid blowing out our ten birthday candles through a mask - theoretically impossible, unless you are wearing one of those cheap pieces of fabric… - we have decided to offer you "something else". Movies on a theatre screen, of course. A beautiful theatre, as always (the Max Linder Panorama). In which will be screened the “classics” of the genre, pricelessly selected and screened in their best light.

PIFFF 2020

This year, the PIFFF will be a “classic” edition. Our selection of masterpieces will be there, and so will you hopefully. No doubt about it. Save the date ; and while the big party is due for 2021, the PIFFF 2020 “classic” edition will be held from December 16th to 22nd at the Max Linder Panorama cinema. WE LIVE!