PIFFF 2022 - Jury and french short selection

Posted on 14/11/22

Six works, six visions of genre cinema with a hexagonal flair: the French short film competition will once again plunge you with delight into the confines of horror.

Marine Levéel, F, 2022
Annie carries a weight, which is as heavy as a secret. This winter, even the dune in which she confides doesn’t contain it anymore. On the sand’s surface, the reeds grew and began to sing… The worst for Annie would be that her daughter Natacha suffered from this chant.

Robert Hospyan, F, 2022
Claude and Mahalia matched on a dating site for people with superpowers. Claude's? To become invisible. When Mahalia insists on knowing his first action upon discovering his power, Claude does everything to avoid the question. For fear of ruining his chances with her.

Sébastien Duhem, F, 2022
Now that humanity is in decline, Earth is rebirthing. A life-worn cartographer and a wild young woman will have to learn to communicate in this new world.

Nicolas Millot, F, 2022
Adam, a young hunter, is convinced that a danger lurks in a forest plagued by strange phenomena. But when one of his friends is found dead, this fear becomes a certainty. Adam decides to return to the woods, determined to find the source of this threat.

Romain Daudet-Jahan, F, 2022
Alone in his house, Leo, 12 years old, does not want to go to summer camp. When it is close to the time of departure, a disturbing presence prowls  around, imitating his voice…

Joffrey Monteiro-Noël, F, 2022
Romane is 15 years old. She suffers from a respiratory disease and begins a treatment at a specialized thermal baths. One night, she hears a strange whistling coming from the surrounding forest. Romane persists in seeking out the origin of the continuous humming that only she can hear. As she nears the source of it, her breathing changes.

For this 11th edition of the PIFF, the French short film jury will bring together experts and talents who tirelessly contribute to the imagery of fantastic cinema in France, in all its forms:

Céline Defremery : head of French catalog StudioCanal
Miyako Slocombe : translator and interpreter
Alexis Bacci : cartoonist (LASTMAN, CAPTAIN DEATH…)
ALT 236 :video maker and author
Jérémie Hoarau : animation director (CRISIS JUNG, LASTMAN HEROES…)