French Competition

La Maison de poussière

Director : Jean-Claude Rozec

Synopsis: Gradually, an old social housing flat is knocked down by steel monsters. A former inhabitant rummage...

The Mummy

Director : Lewis Eizykman

Synopsis: A man dressed up in a mummy costume begs in the street every day at the same place, ready to do anyt...

Black Moon

Director : Gallien Guibert

Synopsis: One island. Three men. An old manuscript. A funeral march heading to insanity.


Director : Vincent Toujas

Synopsis: Jay, newly suffering from insomnia, faces a weird presence which will become his persecutor as well ...


Director : Rémy Rondeau

Synopsis: An old man becomes lonely after the death of his wife. To avoid boredom he starts making puzzle. One...


Director : Lorenzo Recio

Synopsis: Taipei. Xiao Shou is a shy boy, a shadow theatre player and a traveller. One day, his path crosses t...

The Sunboy

Director : JP Bouix

Synopsis: A young boy, credulous and solitary, sees in his father the representation of a monstrous beast want...