PIFFF President
Gérard Cohen

Managing Director
Cyril Despontin

Artistic Director
Fausto Fasulo

Director Advertising and Partnerships
Julie Vergnet

Website : PIFFF

The Paris International Fantastic Film Festival (PIFFF) was established at the initiative of the Association Paris Ciné Fantastic, in partnership with the magazine Mad Movies and with the help of cinema Gaumont Opéra Capucines.
Paris Fantastic Film is an association Act 1901 that aims to promote fantastic cinema in all its forms: event, written or digital editions, Internet, audiovisual programs.

Paris Fantastic Film Association Act 1901. President: Gerard Cohen. Secretary Cyril Despontin. Founding member Fausto Fasulo. Treasurer: Mary Cohen. Headquarters: PO Box 530 6 rue Rodier, 75009 Paris.

Fausto Fasulo, Cyril Despontin, Erwan Chaffiot (French shorts), Benjamin Leroy (International shorts)

Advertising and partnerships
Julie Vergnet, Anna Gélibert

Overall coordination
Cyril Despontin

Media Relations
MIAM (Blanche Aurore Duault, Nathalie Iund)

Technical managers
Xavier Colon, Etienne Rappeneau

Volunteer Management
Karim Cheriguene

Logistics of the guests
Anne Pampin, Zoé Rabayrol, Gerald Duchaussoy

Stage management
Stéphane Creoff, Gwendal Goalès

Xavier Colon, Mathieux Roux, Carla Ferreira (Pondichéry)

Véronique Davidson

Translation of the website
Anaïs Hakes, Zoé Rabayrol

Leonce Deprez

Catalogs texts editors
Fausto Fasulo, Erwan Chaffiot, Benjamin Leroy

Subtitling works
Karim Chériguène (Coordinator), Anais Bonino, Zoé Rabayrol, Anna Gelibert, Jonathan Pougeol

Conception of PIFFF's logo
Rémi Andrieux

Gary Jamroz-Palma

Xavier Colon

Festival's spot
Bruno Forzani, Hélène Cattet

Video Team
Anthony Dausseur, Mikael Chevallier, Steven Gaborieau, Thomas Ohlund

Jean-Baptiste Herment, Yann Bertin

Music of the trailer
Carpenter Brut

Paris International Fantastic Film Festival