Director : Fabrice Du Welz

Synopsis: A single mother became infatuated with a con man. The two lovers start a passionate and murderous jo...

Bag Boy Lover Boy

Director : Andres Torres

Synopsis: A young hotdog vendor endowed with an unusual appearance is approached by a glamour photographer for...


Director : Gerard Johnstone

Synopsis: A piecemeal burglar is given a compulsory order of residence and cannot leave her parents' home. The...

Shrew's Nest

Director : Juanfer Andrés, Esteban Roel

Synopsis: In post-war Spain, two sisters give refuge to a wounded man. The elder, agoraphobic, soon becomes su...


Director : Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead

Synopsis: A young desperado leaves the U.S. to settle in Italy where he makes the encounter of a beautiful « c...

Starry Eyes

Director : Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer

Synopsis: Hollywood. A wannabee actress awaits an audition which could lead her to glory... Or to Hell.

The Duke of Burgundy

Director : Peter Strickland

Synopsis: A stern lepidopterist (butterfly specialist) maintains a sadomasochistic relationship with her young...

Time Lapse

Director : Bradley King

Synopsis: Three friends find an extraordinary photographic device which takes pictures of the day after..


Director : Dan Gilroy

Synopsis: A piecemeal robber finds his way in life by selling shocking pictures to local television.


Director : Michael & Peter Spierig

Synopsis: A special agent travels through time to catch a dreadful terrorist.

The Mole Song: Underco...

Director : Takashi Miike

Synopsis: An incompetent cop must try to infiltrate one of Japan's most powerful crime cartels. Even if this m...


Director : Kevin Smith

Synopsis: A famous podcaster pays a visit to an old man fascinated by walruses. The encounter quickly gets out...

Why Horror?

Director : Nicolas Kleiman, Rob Lindsay

Synopsis: Un fan de cinéma d'horreur s'interroge sur les racines profondes de sa passion et part mener l'enquê...


Director : Mamoru Oshii

Synopsis: A prohibited virtual reality game starts absorbing participants into its vortex. Qui will outlise Av...

The Vanishing

Director : George Sluizer

Synopsis: After his wife disappears mysteriously on a highway service station, a desperate man quits everythin...

A Nightmare on Elm Str...

Director : Wes Craven

Synopsis: A pedophile murderer killed by victims' parents haunts the dreams of Elm Streets' youngsters.

Wake in Fright

Director : Ted Kotcheff

Synopsis: A school teacher on his way to Sydney makes a stop in a small mining town where he experiences hell.


Director : Hitoshi Matsumoto

Synopsis: An ordinary salaryman subscribes to a sadomasochistic club which offers to its customers a variety o...

Alien Attack Night

Préparez la résistance : en une nuit à haute teneur en paranoïa, le Paris International Fantastic Film Festival vous engage à prendre pleinement conscience de votre nature humaine.
Cosses perfides (L'invasion des profanateurs), aliens fascistes (Invasion Los Angeles), gélatine vorace (Le Blob) et clowns déglingués (Killer Klowns from Outer Space) sont les grands envahisseurs d'un programme forcément très spatial. Et spécial aussi.

They Live

Director : John Carpenter

Synopsis: Aliens spies on Earth use human means of communication to spread their power. Resistance has to buil...

Killer Klowns from Out...

Director : Stephen Chiodo

Synopsis: Highly armed alien clowns land their flying circus tent (!) in a peaceful American village, planning...

Invasion of the Body S...

Director : Philip Kaufman

Synopsis: San Fransisco. Two healthcare agents notice a change in people's behaviour. An alien plant seems to ...

The Blob

Director : Chuck Russell

Synopsis: A meteorite crashes on earth, releasing an unknown alien amoeba . The human species is in danger...