Night Call Night Call Night Call
Night Call Night Call Night Call
A piecemeal robber finds his way in life by selling shocking pictures to local television.

For his first time as a director, scriptwriter Dan Gilroy (Freejack, The Fall, Real Steel) takes us for a creepy night ride, with Jake Gyllenhaal behind the steering wheel, his soft magnetism and sadism those of a night monster. Nightcrawler is a violent satyre of the American society, capitalist and man- eating.

Country of production : USA | Year of production : 2014
Directing by : Dan Gilroy
Writing : Dan Gilroy | Cinematography : Robert Elswit
Music : James Newton Howard | Produced by : David Lancaster, Michel Litvak
Cast : Jake Gyllenhaal, Bill Paxton, Rene Russo
Distributor : Paramount Pictures France | France release date : 26/11/2014
Duration Aspect ratio Screening Language Subtitles Audience
119 min 2.35 English French All audience