R100 R100 R100
R100 R100 R100
An ordinary salaryman subscribes to a sadomasochistic club which offers to its customers a variety of epic domination scenarios.

Former stand-up comedian, local TV celebrity and chameleon director, Hotoshi Matsumoto made his entrance on the international scene with the incredible giant monster film Big Man Japan. After a methaphysical/Dadaist turn (Symbol) and a bittersweet historical melodrama (Saya Zamourai), Hotoshi Matsumoto carries on his breakthrough within an aging Japanese cinema with R100, a hilarious comedy, forbidden – as indicated by the title, itself referring to the Japanese film classification system – to anyone aged under...100!

Country of production : Japan | Year of production : 2013
Directing by : Hitoshi Matsumoto
Writing : Hitoshi Matsumoto | Cinematography : Kazunari Tanaka
Music : Shûichi Sakamoto, Shûichirô Toki | Produced by : Keisuke Konishi
Cast : Nao Ōmori, Shinobu Terajima, Hitoshi Matsumoto
Distributor : Le Pacte
Duration Aspect ratio Screening Language Subtitles Audience
100 min 1.85 Japanese French All audience