Time Lapse

Time Lapse Time Lapse Time Lapse
Time Lapse Time Lapse Time Lapse
Three friends find an extraordinary photographic device which takes pictures of the day after..

Made from scratch like the excellent Primer by Shane Carruth, Time Lapse by Bradley King is a science-fiction thriller, with a scenario machinery going like clockwork. Smart and creative, never a prisonner of his own « high concept », Bradley King invokes the spirit of Rod Sterling from The Twillight Zone and proves that all it needs is a few brilliant ideas and a constant belief in the story to claim the title of « great small film ».

Country of production : USA | Year of production : 2014
Directing by : Bradley King
Writing : Bradley King, B.P. Cooper | Cinematography : Jonathan Wenstrup
Music : Andrew Kaiser | Produced by : B.P. Cooper
Cast : Danielle Panabaker, Matt O'Leary, George Finn
International sales : Devilworks
Duration Aspect ratio Screening Language Subtitles Audience
103 min 1.66 English French All audience