Paris International Fantastic Film Festival
Six years of age, two address changes, 55,000 spectators, 259 films screened and an intense seventh festival. Let's skip mentioning the hoped-for success of this new edition, let's skip the activist, ardent and sometimes shocking talks you have been used to ever since 2011, let's skip the quality details of a programme shaped by a team constantly on the look-out, let's skip giving clues about the dazzling surprises, let's skip media gesticulation or virtual hysteria 2.0, and let's skip the small talk right now: the PIFFF has never been so proudly designed, ideally located, happily prepared.
However, the abstraction of a programme, of names, dates and times, will not result in a festive party without your impulse. So it's up to you, and you only, to make all our wishes come true and make PIFFF 2017 the best festival you've ever attended.

Festival's team


PIFFF 2021 - The full line-up