Friday 8th december from 11a.m to 1p.m (Free admission)

The Climax Award aims to promote and strengthen genre scriptwriters and scenarios, to build a pool of francophone talents and to develop French genre film production.

The competition was harsh, our selection board had to choose between 17 original proposals. Eventually 5 scenarios were chosen for the final round of the 2017 Climax Award:

- Avé Maria by Romain Serir
- Bestia by Hadrien Fiere
- La petite gibbeuse by Stéphanie Tallon
- Tant que les oiseaux ne chantent pas by Guillaume Levil
- Ogre by Arnaud Malherbe.

In other words, the Climax Grand Prix 2017 includes pulp western with a WW2 graveyard setting ; a poetic journey through tales and bumper cars ; a bloody encounter with a legendary beast, and ambient religious obscurantism ; a special -tender and brutal- prison story and a deep plunge into the dark appetite of an ogre.

Authors will pitch their scenarios in front of a jury composed of scriptwriters, directors and producers: Carlo de Boutiny, Alexandre Bustillo, François Cognard, Guillaume Lemans, Julien Maury, Benjamin Rocher and Raphaël Rocher.

Following the prizes, the Jury will take part in an extremely relevant Master class: "Genre success stories in France"..

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