Sicilian Ghost Story

Friday December 08th 2017 at 02:00 PM

Italy / France / Switzerland - 2017 - All audience

Lenght : 120 min // Ratio : 2.35 // Format : dcp
Language : Italian // Subtitles : French

Directing by: Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza
Writing: Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza
Cinematography: Luca Bigazzi
Music: Anton Spielman
Produced by: Carlotta Calori, Francesca Cima, Massimo Cristaldi, Nicola Giuliano
Cast: Julia Jedlikowska, Gaetano Fernandez, Corinne Musallari... 
Distributor: Jour2fête
France release date: 21/03/18
In a small village in Sicily, the young Giuseppe disappears overnight. Seeking the truth, his classmate Luna decides to conduct her own investigation. She is far from expecting that her research will plunge her into a particularly dark and dangerous world …

Behind the looks of a political thriller, Fabio Grassadonia & Antonio Piazza's second feature film is a beautiful and astonishing teen love story in which a girl uses her imagination to face the harshness of the real world. Alike the recent They call me Jeeg Robot, Sicilian Ghost Story is here to prove that Italian genre cinema - once extremely vivid and diverse - has not said it's last word yet even though current production is not at its best.