3615 code Père Noël

Sunday December 10th 2017 at 04:15 PM

France - 1990

Lenght : 91 min // Ratio : 1.85 // Format : dcp
Language : French // Subtitles : English

Directing by: René Manzor
Writing: René Manzor
Cinematography: Michel Gaffier
Music: Jean-Félix Lalanne
Produced by: Francis Lalanne
Cast: Alain Musy, Louis Ducreux, Brigitte Fossey
Distributor: Le Chat Qui Fume
France release date: 17/01/1990
On Christmas Eve, young Thomas frenetically awaits the arrival of Santa Claus whom he is determined to capture. The man who arrives dressed in the traditional red suit is actually a dangerous psychopath ...

The film's release met with general indifference. However, this claustrophobic French horror movie (oxymoron?) has gained a good reputation amongst specialists who were eager to watch it (again) when it appeared on television or in the local videoclub back in the days. Good news for amateurs of rare film, this movie by René Manzor (The Passage) - not available on DVD in France, what a shame – is back and alive thanks to the new remastered copy screened for the first time ever at the PIFFF. It's Christmas before Christmas!


René Manzor, Director / Screenwriter