Paris International Fantastic Film Festival
What is a festival? Above all, it's the desire to celebrate together, at the same time and in the best conditions, our love for a cinema like none other. A cinema which has been struggling since the 80's to find its way to cinema screenings and often pays the price of a chaotic distribution. Therefore, the mission of a festival like the PIFFF can humbly be seen as a rescue operation...

Bodied, Jallikattu, Mope, Bridgend, We, Nightcrawler... So many singular films whose blurred filiation to the « fantasy » genre may have raised some legitimate questions among our faithful audience. This year, in order to open our programming more clearly to these ambiguous movies, we decided to create « The Parallel Screening », a new section dedicated to these unconventional feature films that we didn't want to deprive you of.

Hardly sobered up after an anniversary (our ten years, celebrated last year), it's time for more cake and candles to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mad Movies, a magazine whose history is obviously linked to the PIFFF festival. On this occasion, we will be rolling out the red carpet to the magazine by dedicating a special session and a masterclass that we hope will be enlightening. Save the date & join us all at the the Max Linder Panorama for a 2022 edition of the PIFFF, in celebration mode.

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