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Paris International Fantastic Film Festival
Festivals come and go, and they may or may not resemble each other.
After a series of complicated editions (massive transport strikes, a global pandemic, the soccer world cup), the twelfth edition has gradually been put together in a certain (and strange) calm.
To prepare a PIFFF, you have to see just over three hundred feature-length films, and in the end keep just twenty or so. In other words, a drastic choice has to be made, which means leaving out many works. When we make our selection, we don't necessarily think in terms of a theme, we just go with the flow, according to what we like and what's possible (sometimes the titles we're expecting aren't ready yet, or their festival career ends before we do). In short, we don't know what the next edition will be like until we start. But what do all the films you'll see over the course of a week have in common? Quite simply, films that, for the festival team, represent the very best in world fantasy cinema.
And speaking of the team, it's worth noting that it's made up of some twenty volunteers, all of whom have a passion for fantasy cinema, and whose main motivation over the last twelve years has been to get together in the most beautiful cinema in the world to watch these films, which don't always get the chance to be distributed in cinemas.

This year, we're delighted to be able to share the fruits of our labor with you, the public, and we hope to be able to do so for a long time to come!

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