Paris International Fantastic Film Festival

In 2011, nestled in another famous Parisian cinema, the PIFFF, still in its infancy, launched the first images of its program. Perhaps you were already there, perhaps you were smiling at the craftsmanship of the approach, the approximation of the launches, the spontaneity of the presentations, the wobble of a lectern made in an art brut style a few hours before the opening « ceremony », the 24-carat pomp of trophies that swallowed up half of our meagre budget...
Since then, the young PIFFF has refined its gesture, asserted its discourse, strengthened its ambitions, and recruited this dream audience, faithful and respectful, which we are delighted to see again every year, when a bloody pandemic doesn't spoil the party, of course...
So it's been ten years. Ten years that we have been humbly trying to bring to the top a culture for which our interest has never wavered. Ten years that you've been following us, waiting for us, watching us shake in front of this big white screen, voting, discussing, questioning... This editorial is getting too emphatic, so before it explodes, let's end with the right word to express our feelings towards you: THANK YOU.

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